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The Fuel Cell


A dynamic and innovative support facility specializing in the repair & overhaul of aircraft fuel components. The Fuel Cell was acquired, relocated and expanded by Frank Villasante in 2017. Our CEO is the former owner of High Standard Aviation, a Miami-based provider of aircraft parts and repair services to the aerospace industry and what the Business Journal named the “#1 repair station in the world.” In 1991, Mark Story became part of the HSA team, before founding The Fuel Cell 5 years later. Frank has taken his admirable reputation, operational skills and passion for the Aviation industry as an opportunity to expand and create a partnership with Mr. Story. We have built a team of professional and passionate people that are dedicated to providing you with high-quality service, standards, and customer support. We feel quality workmanship is paramount and leads to safe and reliable operation of the components we return to service. We work directly with leading airline customers and have grown into a company recognized around the world for its quality workmanship and component reliability. Our service initiatives are supported by pricing advantages including: fixed labor, all-inclusive flat rates, incentive rewards and early payment discounts. Our leaders are focused on the commitment of a seamless operational system driven by reduced maintenance costs and the highest possible reliability.

The Fuel Cell



Boost pumps: Valves – Controllers // Boeing 737/757/767/777

DC9 & MD80 // MD11 – DC10 // Airbus A300 – A320


PW2000 // PW4000 // RB211-RR // CF6-80 – CFM56

V2500 // Engine Pumps // Engine fuel control systems

Engine Fuel Nozzle // Fuel Valves // Flow Dividers // Actuators


DC10 // Pumps

Fuel Controls // Flow Dividers

The Fuel Cell


  • Universal Flow and Pressure Test Stands
  • Fuel Control Test Stands
  • APU Fuel Control Test stands
  • Engine Pump Test Stands
  • Boost pump test stands
  • Abrasive blast area
  • Cleaning tanks
  • Paint spray Booth

The Fuel Cell


7841 NW 56 St, Miami, FL 33166

Phone: +(1) 954 776 7555

Email: info@thefuelcell.com